A Day in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, the biggest city in the western coast of Canada and one of the most liveable cities in the world. It is surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean and is known to be a popular filming destination. I always wanted to visit this beautiful city and when an opportunity came, I knew I needed to go.

Canadian Rockies from up above

When I booked a flight to Seattle, I included Vancouver on my itinerary since it was only a 2-hour drive away. We only had a day to explore the city and I prioritized these places during our visit. I really wish we had more time but it’s a good reason for me to come back again.


Gastown, the hippie town, is Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood. I met up my college friend, Kim, here. We had coffee in a little cafe and she toured me around the town for a bit.

Gastown taken March 2018
The Birds and The Beets cafe in Gastown

Here, you’ll find cobble-stoned walkways and brick buildings. There were a lot of restaurants, art galleries, cafes, and tourist shops around but of course, a Gastown tour wouldn’t be complete without spotting the famous whistling steam clock.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Another Vancouver must-see is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vancouver, the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.

I heard that they light up these bridges from December to January.

It was packed during our visit but we did enjoy the park a lot. There were a few activities you could do at the park but one you couldn’t miss is the treetop adventure.

The park is surrounded by forests and the Capilano River

The entrance costs about $50/person . You could check the Capilano Bridge website about the park hours as it could be different every season.

Sea to Sky Gondola

I guess this was my favorite part of our trip. We drove to the town of Squamish, a 45-minute drive from downtown Vancouver, to reach this beautiful place with mountain views.

The Sea to Sky highway, one of best highways with scenic views in Canada

We hopped on to a gondola that took us to a bird’s eye views of the mountains, forests and the ocean. There were a lot of outdoor activities you could do once you’re at the top depending on the season.

On our case, we hiked a bit on some trails and took in the serene views. The gondola lift was $42/person. It’s a bit expensive but so worth it!

Sadly, our trip ended here. It was really short but sweet! British Columbia is beautiful enough for me to visit over and over again. Or maybe, just move there for good?

Disclaimer: All opinions and views on this post are my own. Copyright all pictures by Kathleen of I Am Miss Adventures.

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